Data Points

Diehl Consulting Group (DCG) is committed to conducting work that benefits our clients and the people they serve. We believe that data are a valuable tool for driving discussion around important issues. Over the years, our group has conducted several comprehensive community assessments in partnership with local mental health, substance abuse prevention, and social service agencies. With permission, a selection of these projects is provided below to inform local data needs.

Mental Health & Addiction Needs Assessment

Description: 2009 Community Mental Health and Addiction Needs Assessment – Commissioned by Southwestern Healthcare, Inc. with funding through a grant from the Welborn Baptist Foundation, Inc.


Vanderburgh County Epi Profile

Description: 2009 Vanderburgh County Epidemiological Study – Completed by the Local Epidemiology and Outcomes Workgroup (LEOW) of the Vanderburgh County Substance Abuse Prevention State Incentive Grant (SPF SIG) awarded to the Vanderburgh County Substance Abuse Council


United Way Needs Assessment

Description: 2007/2008 United Way of Southwestern Indiana Comprehensive Community Study


United Way Collaboration Study

Description: 2007/2008 United Way of Southwestern Indiana Social Service Provider Collaboration Assessment