Customized Analytics Solutions

What should you consider when compiling and creating a data analysis plan? How do you construct a reliable and valid survey? How should you analyze data to answer the questions you have about your programs… your employees… your community… your students… your customers?

side-picThe foundation for all of our solutions is our collective expertise around identifying, applying, and communicating various analytical strategies. In some cases, we partner with clients to provide these services exclusively. Our Customized Analytics Solutions involve a broad collection of approaches that bring meaning to data by breaking them down into their component parts and identifying relationships and trends.

DCG has expertise in analyzing quantitative and qualitative data in a variety of contexts. We strive for clients to not only understand results, but to understand the basic theory behind the analyses employed. Critical to this process is a shared awareness of the rationale for the analytical approach and a detailed plan for collecting data and using results. The goal of these solutions is for clients to make sense of their data, draw tangible conclusions, and make data-driven decisions. DCG is committed to these outcomes throughout the process—from the way data are collected to the way data are analyzed and presented.

Possible services include:

  • Data Analysis
  • Coaching and Support
  • Survey Design and Development
  • Logic Model Development

Solutions in Practice: Predicting High School Graduation

In partnership with a school district, DCG assisted in the development of a predictive statistical model to flag potential high school dropouts based on multiple academic and behavioral risk factors observed during students’ middle school years. This model will be used to bolster existing dropout prevention efforts by informing an early warning system that selects individual students for targeted interventions based on the number and combination of risk factors observed during middle school.

Solutions in Practice: Community Health Survey

Diehl Consulting worked with an organization to plan a community health survey and analyze data collected from over 4,000 residents in a 7-county area. This process involved consulting with the organization on the exact survey questions, reviewing and cleaning data sets, performing quality checks on data, and preparing final survey results. The latter consisted of analyzing data based on selected demographic characteristics and survey responses. DCG prepared results tables and figures that were used by the sponsoring organization to develop a comprehensive report to the community. The findings will be used by multiple stakeholders to apply for grants, plan programming, spearhead initiatives, and do other activities that benefit the community.