Strategic Organizational Assessment Solutions

Do your employees feel like they have a voice in the organization? Do the attitudes of your customers align with yours? Does your organizational culture stimulate employee engagement and satisfaction? What are the unique needs, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats surrounding your organization?

side-picOur Strategic Organizational Assessment Solutions help organizations answer questions about people they serve, people they employ, products they make, and the climate and culture of their organization. Ultimately, understanding the answers to these questions is critical to strategic decision-making. Services are tailored to the unique needs of the organization but may include:

  • Survey Development
  • Survey Administration
  • Data Analysis
  • Interviews and Focus Groups
  • Data Presentations
  • Action Planning

Solutions in Practice: Measuring School Climate, Engagement and Stakeholder Input

DCG partners with school districts to administer annual surveys to thousands of participants from various stakeholder groups. Student and family surveys assess perceptions of student engagement, family engagement, and school climate. Staff surveys are customized based on group and specific organizational topics of interest, but may include domains such as climate, engagement, performance evaluation, satisfaction, communication, and perceptions of individual strategies or initiatives. DCG employs mixed methodology for administering the surveys and maximizing response rates, including electronic and direct mail surveying. Survey results have been disaggregated and communicated to various stakeholder groups to inform decision-making.

Solutions in Practice: Measuring Customer, Patient, and Employee Satisfaction and Engagement

DCG partners with organizations in a variety of industries—from higher education and government agencies to banking and engineering—to develop, administer, analyze, and present employee surveys tied to organizational development initiatives. Survey content is developed in partnership with clients and customized to address unique organizational needs, but often involves a measure of the perceived strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to an organization, perceptions of leadership, and attitudes related to specific organizational resources, procedures, products, or initiatives. DCG has often supplemented survey processes with qualitative interviews or focus groups. Data collected through these partnerships are essential for strategic planning initiatives and driving organizational change.