Data Management Solutions

How can you better manage information for your organization? How can you make real-time information accessible to various stakeholders in the appropriate formats?

side-picDCG assists organizations in developing the data management strategy that is most effective for their organization. In keeping with our tailored approach to service delivery, we work with clients to understand their information needs and create a solution to address these needs. This may involve creating simple data tracking systems using software readily available to clients or managing a process for developing unique data management systems. We have also formed partnerships with information technology developers who help us address most client needs. Two of our core products include:

School Social Work Data System

SSWDS_LOGO-fixed2DCG launched a data system that allows school social workers to input and track key outcome data. The system also includes a monthly report feature that allows social workers to track monthly indicators. Current users can log into the system by following this link: Please contact us if you would like a demonstration.


Developed in partnership with Thomas-Kelly Software Associates, EZEval logoEZEval is a web-based performance monitoring system that tracks progress
toward afterschool program goals and objectives. This software system provides Afterschool Program Directors, Coordinators, Grant Managers, and Evaluators with a user-friendly tool to examine formative and summative data to drive decision-making. EZEval draws on data contained within EZReports After-School Program Management System allowing users to link measurable program objectives with key performance indicators. Once indicators are linked, monthly reports can be generated that detail progress toward objectives. Information is used to identify areas needing improvement or measure real-time program adjustments. This impacts the overall quality of services offered to program participants. For more information about this product, please visit or contact us for a demonstration.

Solutions in Practice: Data Management

In some cases, developing a web-based data management system is beyond the scope of the client’s needs or resources. DCG has expertise in developing dynamic, user-friendly Excel workbooks under these circumstances. With a focus on providing the client with the information they need at the time and in the format that they need it, DCG’s data management services have empowered educational institutions, healthcare agencies, and community organizations to better understand and use their own information.