Evaluation Capacity Building Solutions

How can you strengthen your organization’s ability to conduct evaluation? How can you create a shared understanding of evaluation best practices within your organization? Can you describe the value of evaluation to your staff?…your Board?…your funders?

side-picDCG’s evaluation capacity framework assists organizations in building competencies in the use of evaluation methods within selected programs and throughout organizational practice. Services are tailored to unique organizational needs. This intentional flexibility offers benefits to organizations at different levels of evaluation readiness. Our Evaluation Capacity Building Solutions include three interrelated phases of capacity building.

  • Phase 1: Capacity Assessment, Foundation, and Coaching includes an assessment of evaluation competence and customized team workshops related to (a) Basics of Evaluation and Logic Model Development, (b) Constructing an Evaluation Plan and Managing Data, and (c) Basic Analysis and Reporting. In addition, individualized coaching in evaluation planning support is provided.
  • Phase 2: Program Logic Model and Evaluation Plan Development includes the actual development of a logic model and an evaluation plan, followed by intensive coaching and support.
  • Phase 3: Understanding and Communicating Results includes additional team workshops related to (a) Excel Basics (basic techniques) and (b) Communicating Evaluation Findings to Internal/External Stakeholders and Developing Reporting Frameworks and Program Improvement Plans. In addition, participants receive intensive individual consultation and support in the design of communication materials and processes for internal and external stakeholders.

Possible services include:

  • Capacity Building Workshops
  • Capacity Assessment
  • Coaching and Support
  • Logic Model Development

Solutions in Practice: Violence Prevention Program

DCG helped a non-profit organization strengthen process and outcome evaluation of a core school-based domestic violence prevention program. This work first involved assessing the strengths and areas for organizational improvement. Afterwards, we provided several evaluation workshops with a focus on logic model development, basics of evaluation, and analysis. These workshops included intensive one-on-one coaching, which helped to individualize the learning and address their unique program needs. The process resulted in a completed logic model, a detailed evaluation plan, and new evaluation measures that were specifically linked to the program. In all areas, the organization demonstrated an increase from their initial ratings on the evaluation capacity self-assessment. Based on this success, DCG was invited to continue the partnership and expand this work throughout the organization.